Would you be my valentine?



He is a man who make me cry and happy always,

Ya..this is our very 1st valentine celebration,

for me ..

valentine day is just seem like a simple normal day ,

just another day for happy couples and a not really happy day for those foreveralone

How we celebrate our valentine day..??

We are actually not any idea for it,so the last minit decision went for our dinner at MeatWorks Restaurant KL..

Its a last minit plan, so we din't make reservations,Thanks God ,lucky we nonid to wait so long to get the table .=)

Actually i no really like this place so must ,coz the service is bad..=( sob

we are no place to go ,just went to home after dinner..

he is cute and felt surprise when i pass the present to him ,what i buy for him just have a look on my FB page bah..=)

[have a fun to took picture with him 2day,just follow my page to get more about it]

As of right now, we just want to make efforts to struggle to get money for our future soon..


My Valentine

Just a very simple updated my blogger here..

Hope u enjoy my video below..

Have a Good Nite everyone..^^

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Gentle Friday ♥

Fine of some beautiful mood share to everyone here,,

For an instant, the 2011 is almost over....

Soon, I live in kuala Lumpur has been a year...

So far so good in between....

In this year, don't know is bad luck or lucky..??


Whatever bad o not all almost to pass on this year,still have 2 day i have to say "GOOD BYE"

to 2011 ......


Oh ..Yeahhh......my birthday is coming on next week....

guess how i celebrate on it...????


19th Birthday Pool Party
(anything not clear can view my facebook)

but i most looking forward to the Chinese New Year in ,

i really can't wait for gathering with my Family,my kampung's friend at all...><

I miss My Mum damn must ..~

p/s:: Cross years wind is happening now....

awesome feeling.......

Yup..i took picture with my beloved when he is sick..

Damn for it...was sick still wanna to work...!!

Hardworking man...@,@

I'm damn worry about that day..=(

He is the man who always in sick.,anyone can give me some mention of the knowledge of the force enhancement,

Thank You so much ....

2012 is coming soon...

1st:- i will expect for our relationship can Love to marry from, conjugal love forever...

2nd:- I hope my families healthy and happy

3rd:- i sure will expect for myself , work Smooth

Here to stop...

Good Bye..!!


Emo Thursday ...A Day A Picture

This is me before to work. Hmm, always being so emo having day off alone in home. No

good, no

good! :-( Why would I worry about my life when I'm still in the age of 18?There are

tons of things waiting for me to plan, to do and work on it.
Thinking about wealth

and health, future and now. I put myself in a hard situation with no reason and it sucks!

Its already Nov 17-11-2011 :-) Throw out everything that not supposed to be in a 18's mind. I am

still a teenager so be like a teen. i'm so easy to be sad when i ran into trouble....== No buddy will

get my feeling on..!!

God..who going to give me a hand when i fall down...=(


No buddy will ..

I must rely on his own effort to fight for..!!

Cheer up for myself *V*



Penang Day =)

Mean Machines -Auto City

14th october 2011
Here to share my Feelings and experience...

sorry about it is a BELATED POST on here....=)

Damn Many uploaded photo

To make a long story short here,

First, it was quite many "hao lian " picture for me ,I hope you don't mind...^^

Let's Start at here ,Babie...♥.

에 오신 것을 환영합니다

Ohh..I'm Ready to go..

OTW going ...but quite jam at subang..==!!!

Joyee Babie . Me
3 hour ago...

Enjoying our dinner at Ipoh street-安记芽菜鸡沙河粉

Finally, Golden Nasmir Hotel...!!

Yuhoo..Time to sleep...

Have a Good Nitez to myself...

Haha..Benny Yap your clothes stole by me liao...^^

Seriously, i really can't sleep without you,

without your smell,

i know that i'm very stupid to do this ,

i stole your clothes and put on my Pillow

to replace you,

hug the pillow when i sleep in the night...

kisses Pictures, Images and PhotosA Good Nitz Kiss to my Beloved Mr.Yap

2nd day

Photo Again before out..

Photo Time to all the Miss Mean Machines Babie Cloud and Hearts Pictures, Images and Photos.










RM30.20 ice cream ==!!


That's all...no time to write it ady..

time to preparing go out with my beloved later...=)

Anyway i wan to said congratulations to all the winner...><

Nice to meet u all in Penang, i won't forgot all the moment that your gaven to me...

THANKS...Delone Sticker to choosen me as Miss Delone Sticker in Miss Mean Machines 2011


very thank a lot to my Beloved Benny Yap to sent me a follower


gave me a little surprise when i came back frm Penang...



Hearts Pictures, Images and Photos

Benny Yap Wai chuan