Would you be my valentine?



He is a man who make me cry and happy always,

Ya..this is our very 1st valentine celebration,

for me ..

valentine day is just seem like a simple normal day ,

just another day for happy couples and a not really happy day for those foreveralone

How we celebrate our valentine day..??

We are actually not any idea for it,so the last minit decision went for our dinner at MeatWorks Restaurant KL..

Its a last minit plan, so we din't make reservations,Thanks God ,lucky we nonid to wait so long to get the table .=)

Actually i no really like this place so must ,coz the service is bad..=( sob

we are no place to go ,just went to home after dinner..

he is cute and felt surprise when i pass the present to him ,what i buy for him just have a look on my FB page bah..=)

[have a fun to took picture with him 2day,just follow my page to get more about it]

As of right now, we just want to make efforts to struggle to get money for our future soon..


My Valentine

Just a very simple updated my blogger here..

Hope u enjoy my video below..

Have a Good Nite everyone..^^

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